Writers Guidelines

Do you have an informed opinion on a specific real estate development project or an industry trend that you want to share with the Location Island community?

Well, we'd like to publish it.

To submit an article, please refer to the Writer’s Guidelines listed below, then, when ready, send your article along to us. Our editors will review your submission and, if it meets our quality standards, we'll publish it, giving you the credit and recognition.


  • Articles should be between 500 to 3000 words - maximum.

  • All articles should be written in the third person.

  • Articles deemed self-serving to a company will not be considered. The article can however, focus on one specific project/issue/etc.

  • Authors writing articles that deal with industry trends should make sure that they are presenting something relevant about the trend. They should explore what caused the trend, when it may change, etc. It should not briefly overview and explains one company's view about the trend.

  • Articles on general subjects (i.e. Leases, Negotiating, Financing, etc.) can refer to specific projects, retailers, etc. for credibility purposes.

  • Quotes are requested for all articles. Quotes from retailers, development professionals, and officers of companies, etc. are an excellent source of credibility for both the authors and the web site.

  • Articles dealing with problems of the industry or trend should not just present the problem itself, but offer solutions and examples.

  • We at Location Island copyright all articles appearing on our site and respect the copyrights of others. If using material from other sources, please provide us with the proper releases from any copyright holders.


  • Location Island.com is an online business development magazine. Articles should represent the business end of the subject. Dollar figures are encouraged in every article, when applicable. Examples are necessary.

  •  Location Island.com strives to be on the cutting edge of our industry, and it is our articles that will keep us there. It is our desire to bring the highest quality of editorial material available to the industry in every article.

  • Your Authors Byline should include your name, title (if applicable), company name and a few brief words about your experience. Feel free to include your email address or web site so interested parties can contact you.

    Pictures and Charts

  • As far as pictures and illustrations go; all original material will be considered. The more quality photos and illustrations we provide, the better the article (and the site) will look.

  • All photographs and illustrations should be JPEG, GIF or TIFF format and at least 300 dpi and 3 by 5 inches.

  • If submitting charts, please provide us with the original artwork, preferably in color.

    Article Format, Submission & Deadlines

  • Articles should be submitted to the editor or Webmaster
    by email in Microsoft Word format.

  • Deadlines for all articles are the 15th of the month, at least two months in advance (i.e. January 15th for March issue). The editor or Webmaster can always make an exception if the timeliness of the article directs it.

  • An author's affiliation of 10-20 words should be included at the beginning of the article, and should contain the author's name, company affiliation, and city.

  • Articles and disks should be sent via a service with tracking capabilities (i.e. Fed Ex, Airborne, etc.) along with all supporting artwork, charts or photographs.

  • If submitting a CD or diskette, please enclose a hard copy of the material along with any supporting artwork or photographs.

Any content deemed inappropriate
or longer than necessary, will be edited

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