What is “Payment by Byline”?

OK, are you guys very smart or just really, really cheap?

Well, a little bit of both perhaps...

You see, thanks in large part to search engines like Google, Yahoo and a whole host of other search engines, a simple byline has become a pretty powerful thing these days. Simply put, because they can get you, your company and/or your products instantly noticed in a very positive light to an enormous amount of people.

Look at it this way; just about everybody in business these days has a computer at work, at home and even in their pockets to access the internet. HR departments, when considering hiring someone, have been know to do an internet search on a job candidate before making an offer to them (if for no other reason but to make sure that they were not the instigator of the infamous Sheboygan string-trimmer incident of ’96).

Sure, if you do nothing, your name may pop up in an odd newspaper article about a local zoning hearing, or worse yet, your Facebook page. But, think for a moment; how would it look to that same HR manager if you were the published author on a job-related topic?

Can you say …sssssexy?

It serves to reason that if the choice came down to two or three viable candidates vying for the same job, the writer would have a leg up… simply because everybody wants to hire an expert.

Of course; if you own, manage or work for a company, the prospect of building your business is most likely why you’re there for in the first place. Even if your company has a killer web site, chances are that the articles on it are viewed as self-serving and biased towards your company’s products or services. No matter how well written and helpful those articles are, they may not have the same credibility as if they appeared in a trade magazine or news article. The ability to reach new customers is a good thing, to do so without having to spend the company’s money, is the stuff heroes, legends…and promotions, are made of.

Qui Docet Discit
(Latin: Learn by Teaching)

You see, when a dedicated profesional that is passionate about what they do, teaches that subject… they actually become better at what they do. And, as with the individual interviewing for a job, it also gives you credibility.

What type of articles is Location Island looking for?

Well, first feel free to download a copy of our Writer's Guidelines for a good overview of style and content. Then reach into your well of experience and put it all down on paper (ok… a Microsoft Word file will be just fine).

What we are looking for is honest, helpful and timely advice that entrepreneurs can use to build their businesses. And don’t forget one of the most important things… your byline. A byline is your name, a few lines about who you are and what you do and finally a link back to you. You’ll be surprised how many people use them.

So flex those writer’s muscles, let the world know what you know and please…stop calling us cheap...

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